Christopher Winrow

Christopher Winrow

Company: Lucy Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases 9:00 am

Identifying nexus points in mitochondrial function that impact neurodegeneration Developing new therapeutic approaches to target neurodegenerative diseases with selective small molecules that modulate key aspects of mitochondrial physiology Establishing translational approaches to objectively measure impacts on mitochondrial function, physiology and clinical outcomesRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Exploring the Safety & Strategy Considerations of Different Treatment Modalities of Mitochondrial Therapies 1:15 pm

Explore the rationale behind decision making of different treatment modalities, positioning small molecules amongst biologics, gene editing therapies and mitochondrial transplantation Discuss the needs of specific disorders and why this may favour one modality against anotRead more

day: Day One

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