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3rd Annual Mitochondria-Related Drug Development Summit

With recent orphan drug designations for Cyclerion, clinical successes from Reneo Pharmaceuticals, and scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of mitochondrial biology, we face a new horizon to treat rare and prevalent diseases. 

In Boston we met with 80+ industry-experts for 3 jam-packed days of insight and uncovered the unique opportunities of targeting and modulating mitochondrial dysfunction in rare and prevalent disease. 

We reimagined cellular metabolism through genetic engineering for rare mitochondrial diseases, small molecule and mitophagy therapies for prevalent diseases. Attendees learnt how pharmaceutical companies are tackling toxicity and delivering translational models to create safe therapies. 

Our 2023 Meeting Taught You How To:

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Unearth how pharma are working to discover novel and non-invasive biomarkers and validating their relationship with mitochondrial dysfunction 

Discover how to quantify structural and functional differences between health and diseased mitochondria

Holistically assess the human risk of mitochondrial toxicity to improve the translation and safety of therapeutics to accelerate drug development for both rare and prevalent diseases 

Address small population size for rare mitochondrial disease clinical trials by fully-utilizing the power of natural history studies to understand disease prevalence and progression 

Reimagine how we treat complex and chronic diseases with novel mitochondrial therapeutic strategies via regulating mitophagy 

Who Attended?

Industry experts joined together in 2023 to investigate mitochondrial dysfunction in complex and prevalent disorders including cardiovascular, renal, and neurodegenerative diseases. Attendees learnt from the top leaders treating mitochondrial dysfunction in rare diseases. 

Mitochondria Summit Previous Attendees:

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What the 2023 Attendees Have Said

Learning from others in the mitochondrial space is invaluable as this has been a challenging space for drug development but with tremendous potential.” – Karel Erion, Director of Preclinical Research, Capacity Bio

Gaining insight into novel therapeutic approaches for treating diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.” – Cynthia Arbeeny, Chief Scientific Officer, Mitotherapeutix