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This 2023 Summit united leading experts across all stages of mitochondrial drug development pipeline including pioneers of in vivo and in vitro preclinical modelling, translational KOLs, mitochondrial biology specialists, geneticists, and clinicians. 

We spoke to the decision makers in large companies seeking solutions including AbbVie, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly & Co., and Janssen. We networked with cutting-edge biotechnology companies, Pretzel Therapeutics, Vincere Biosciences, and Mitokinin, amongst many more. 

Experts Need Your Help With:

  • Complex 3D models that can demonstrate mitochondrial heteroplasmy and recapitulate the diverse manifestations of rare diseases, and the complex and progressive nature of chronic diseases 
  • Quantitative & non-destructive cellular assays  
  • Metabolomic capabilities to identify biomarkers 
  • Next-generation sequencing services to improve clinical trial design and patient care 
  • Preclinical CROs with rare disease and mitochondrial biology knowledge or high-content imaging capabilities 

.... and more!   

What Our Audience is Looking For:

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Pharmaceutical companies are demonstrating their commitment to treating the most challenging chronic diseases and need quantitative target-engagement assays to validate new drugs targeting mitochondria

Biotechnology companies breaking into mitochondrial drug development want CROs, assays, and biomarkers to improve translation and speed-up pipeline development 

As clinical trials are developed and planned companies need next-generation sequencing technology to diagnose, identify risk factors, and segment patient populations  

Can you help drug developers overcome the inherent challenge of mitochondrial heteroplasmy? They seek metabolomic platforms to quantitatively study phenotype and discover translational biomarkers 

Build long-lasting professional relationships at the only industry-focused event exploring mitochondrial biology as we unite complex and rare diseases to develop effective therapies

Our 2023 Partners

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